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Snuba is a trade name (of Snuba International, Inc.) for an underwater breathing system that combines elements of scuba diving and snorkeling.

Snuba allows divers to breath underwater by connecting them to a standard scuba tank via a 20 foot airline to the divers breathing apparatus. The tank is mounted on to a raft that follows the divers movement from the water’s surface. There is no heavy diving gear, just a mask, fins, and weights for buoyancy control. While no formal certification is required, every Snuba tour should include a brief introductory lesson for each diver (each Snuba system is designed to accommodate up to three), and be guided by a professional. Snuba expeditions typically take place in tropical tourist locations such as Hawaii, Thailand, Mexico, and the Carribean, where waters are calm.

Most expeditions include an orientation and guided underwater tour that lasts about one-and-a-half hours, approximately 30 minutes to one hour of which is spent “in-water.” A group expedition includes a maximum of six participants per professional guide and costs between 50 and 85 dollars (U.S.). If a boat ride to a coral reef is involved, the cost will rise. If making an investment in a Snuba dive system of your own, which would require both the flotation system and the air supply system, expect to spend anywhere between a few hundred and few thousand dollars. Snuba is growing in popularity amongst underwater enthusiasts in vacation locales around the world who want to spend time underwater without the issues of Scuba Certification. 


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