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Stingray City Snorkeling

Stingray City Snorkeling

On the northwest corner of Grand Cayman's north sound is “Stingray City” - the most famous location in the world for snorkeling with stingrays. Located on a sandbar in only a few feet of water, Stingray City plays host to about 100,000 visitors per year who come to feed, swim with and snorkel with the Stingrays. The story goes that fishermen used to clean their fish nearby, and the rays would gather to eat the discarded remains of the fish. Eventually divers (and tour operators) realized swimming among the stingrays was possible, and today Stingray City is one of the top tourist destinations around Grand Cayman.

Bring along some fish or squid, and you will quickly be visited by both friendly stingrays and their fish-competitors who will gladly eat the treats from your. There is nothing to fear when you are snorkeling with stingrays – the tour operators are quick to claim that no one has ever been stung by the rays.

Most Grand Cayman snorkeling operators offer visits to stingray city as part of their charters, which range in price from $40 to $100 depending on the length and size of your tour.

Male Stingray at Stingray City Stingray you believe the stingrays actually still join the tourists!
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