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St. John Snorkeling

The calm, clear waters of St. John, US Virgin Islands draw snorkelers to this vacation spot year-round. Mangrove-lined lagoons and colorful coral reefs surround the island of St. John, affording many opportunities for snorkelers to enjoy the natural beauty of the island. St. John snorkeling is available from most beaches on the island, including the popular Trunk Bay Beach along the North Shore, where the underwater trail is the big attraction. Other popular locations are Hawknest Bay, Gibney Beach, Salomon Bay, Francis Bay, Watermelon Cay, Big Maho Bay, Cinnamon Bay, Brown Bay.

Sea turtles and other fascinating marine life populate the island, and snorkelers will be delighted by the colorful fish on display in the waters of St. John. The Virgin Islands National Park covers two-thirds of the island and includes some of the most impressive coral reefs and tropical fish in all of the Caribbean.

Bring your own equipment and snorkel from shore, or see even more of the underwater world one one of the local charters who can take you to the best locations, show you the sunset or even

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