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Saba Snorkeling

Saba's nickname "The Unspoiled Queen" refers to her pristine nature and the proud people determined to keep it that way. Whether you're hiking one of the 12 well-marked nature trails, snorkeling one of the colorful reefs or exploring the terrain on foot, each turn presents you with one postcard view after another. Leave all your preconceived ideas of a Caribbean vacation at home because on Saba, everything is perfectly different. In only five square miles, experience a dramatic range of topography from rugged cactus strewn seacoasts to lush rainforest. The island's plunging coastline is considered a blessing for divers and snorkelers. The absence of beaches equates to 28 moored dive sights accessible by short boat rides or hiking trails. Saba's National Marine Park was established in the early 80's. The park's regulations ensure the abundant marine life will remain for future generations. On Saba you can expect warm days, cool nights, charming villages and a rich heritage the Saba people are eager to share. Saba's 1500 residents live in the mountainside hamlets of Hell's Gate, Windwardside and The Bottom. You can expect quality accommodations and excellent restaurants at reasonable prices. To put things in perspective, a busy week on Saba might have 50 tourists. Peace and tranquility are other amenities to experience at no extra charge.

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Sea Saba Dive Center is well known for their top notch service. You can contact this center in advance of your trip or walk in to their Windwardside location. From explaining the nature trails to making dinner reservations, consider Sea Saba for all your island needs. Sea Saba's 38' boats provide the ideal platform to enjoy the best of the Saba Marine Park. Daily snorkel trips are available as well as introductory scuba diving lessons for those interested to venture deeper. From the USA: 011-599-416-2246 phone 011-599-416-2362 fax

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