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Puerto Vallarta Snorkeling

Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican resort city situated on the Pacific Ocean's Bay of Banderas. Warm waters and unique geography allow for fascinating marine life and excellent snorkeling conditions.

The three best are Los Arcos, The Marietas Islands and Las Caletas, but regardless of your destination, schools of tropical angelfish, puffer fish, cornet fish, and parrotfish can be found year round. Snorkelers might also find spotted eagle rays, needlefish, or even giant lobster. During whale season (December to April), the calls of the humpbacks can sometimes be heard underwater. Los Arcos, a Marine Reserve, is a cluster of rock formations that has been carved in to unique arches and caves by the surf. Snorkelers who visit will find angelfish, damsels, parrotfish, lobsters, puffer fish and occasionally mantas and stingrays as well.

The Marietas Islands, or “Las Marietas,” are a group of three islands on the north coast of Puerto Vallarta that have also been named a protected Marine Reserve. This area provides sanctuary to dolphins, sea turtles, giant manta rays, and schools of tropical fish that swim amongst the coral reefs. King angelfish, panamic sergeant majors, cortez chubs and even damselfish are occasionally spotted when snorkeling Las Marietas.

Las Caletas is only accessible by boat (usually a pleasant one-hour trip from Puerta Vallarta), but it’s seclusion and crystal clear waters makes it feel a world away. Snorkeling amongst sea lions is one of the areas most popular attractions and makes Las Caletas one of the premiere snorkeling destinations in Mexico.

Many charters are available to take you Snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta - they range from a few hours to a full day, and prices usually start at about $40 per person. 

Regardless of where visitors end up snorkeling in Puerta Vallarta, they seldom leave disappointed.

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