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Pompano Beach Snorkeling

Pompano Beach is part of what’s often referred to as the "the jewel of the south Atlantic coast" (along with neighboring Fort Lauderdale) and includes about three miles of beachfront.

The area's unique natural three-tiered reef system begins in 20 feet of water just 100 yards from shore at its closest point, and continues out to a depth of over 100 feet. These differing water depths, in addition to more than 75 artificial reefs that have been placed on the ocean floor over the past 20 years, offer opportunities for snorkelers and divers alike. Chartered boat trips are available for those who wish to explore beyond what’s accessible from the beach.

Visitors enjoy coral reefs studded with sweeping soft coral sea fans and statuesque staghorns. Divers can explore more than 75 coral encrusted shipwrecks that shelter everything from barracuda to wrasse. Swimming amongst nurse sharks is also not uncommon when snorkeling Pompano Beach.

When planning your trip, you may want to account for the seasonality of the conditions; water temperatures from December to March average 72°F (22°C) and reach a balmy 86°F (30°C) between April and November.

Visibility between April and November can reach into 100-foot range. Outside of that period, it’s frequently around 25 feet. Of course, visibility always depends on weather conditions at the time.

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