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Playa Del Carmen Snorkeling

Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, Playa del Carmen is a holiday town with a charming village-like appeal. Though increasingly popular with tourists, it retains its small artist-colony feel thanks to boutique shops and small hotels. Snorkeling in Playa del Carmen is far better from a boat than off shore, so chartering a boat is recommended. Trips out to some of the local reefs give snorkelers the chance to explore a variety of ocean life. The reefs that can be explored when snorkeling in Playa del Carmen are ideal for snorkeling because they have a maximum depth of 15 feet, meaning that the best is near the surface. A Playa del Carmen snorkeling experience not to be missed is a trip that takes you inland as opposed to into the sea. Cenotes are freshwater sinkholes that are common in this part of Mexico and make for excellent snorkeling adventures. When snorkeling in Playa del Carmen, it is well worth the time and effort to go to Cenote Park, which offers the chance to explore these completely unique freshwater spots. Joining an organized trip with an experienced guide will allow you to enrich your trip. Each cenote is different, and an expert will know how to show you the best they have to offer.

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