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Okinawa Snorkeling

When most people think of snorkeling, Japan is not usually a country that comes to mind. However, as an island nation - Japan has a long string of islands that arc southward into the warm, clear waters of the Pacific. Okinawa, (the main island of the southern reaching archipeligo) offers several locations where anyone can go snorkeling right from shore and see a wide variety of marine life - from colorful fish to sea horses and impressive coral.

Maeda Point is one of the most popular snorkeling locations on the island - with relatively easy access to the water (via a steep stairway) where you can see excellent marine life in clear water. Swim out far enough and you can see the water drop from a few feet to well over 100 - but as always be careful and obey the signs - tricky currents regularly lead to serious incidents for snorkelers in the area. 


                                                                           Below: What you may see Snorkeling in Okinawa



  Below: Maeda Point

Maeda Point 16
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