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Oahu Snorkeling

Oahu is the third largest island in the Hawaiian Island chain and is home to the capitol of the state, Honolulu. Although the island is a major tourist destination, those looking for snorkeling in Oahu will be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of opportunities and relatively low crowds. Oahu coral reefs boast excellent visibility and serene conditions along with beautiful coral formations, sea turtles and other ocean life. The secluded Hanauma Bay is undoubtedly the most popular, but its status as a wildlife sanctuary means that even this much-visited spot is still home to excellent snorkeling in Oahu. For those who have never snorkeled before, Oahu snorkeling is a great place to learn, with many tour operators providing experienced instructors who can teach the tricks of the trade. A truly great way to expand on a your experience is by combining it with a sailing excursion. These trips allow you to combine the fun and adventure of exploring underwater with a beautiful and relaxing trip around the island. Swimming and snorkeling with dolphins is another experience offered by some Oahu snorkeling companies. If you are looking for a shorter experience, equipment can be rented from hotels or even right off the beach.


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