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Micronesia Snorkeling

Micronesia is a Greek word meaning "tiny islands" and refers to the two thousand islands scattered across more than three million square miles of ocean between Hawaii and The Philippines, some of which are so small they rarely appear on world maps.

Many of the islands are the summits of huge, underwater mountains, or rims of sunken volcano craters peaking through the water’s surface, forming tropical lagoons that can be ideal for snorkeling. This is truly the pristine and untouched Pacific.

The eight main island groups that form Micronesia include: Guam, The Republic of Palau (Belau), The Marianas, Pohnpei, Yap, Truk (Chuuk), The Marshall Islands and Kosrae. While each island group offers a unique snorkeling experience, some areas are not to miss, including Palau's Rock Islands (one of the world’s seven underwater wonders, with four times the number of corals as the Caribbean); Jellyfish Lake, also in Palau, to snorkel among millions of stingless jellyfish; and Yap, home of the Giant Manta Ray.

Depending on interests, skill level, and budget there’s truly a Micronesia snorkeling adventure right for anyone. Chose an area…and explore.

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