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Miami Snorkeling

The city of Miami is a vacation hotspot at the southeastern tip of Florida, a state long known as a holiday destination. The warm blue waters found here provide opportunities for snorkelers looking to explore the variety of life that can be found underwater. 

One distinction found in Miami snorkeling is the abundance of artificial reefs. An artificial reef is where a boat or ship has been sunk into the water to encourage coral and other ocean life to flourish. 

Crandon Park makes for an excellent launching point for many guided snorkeling tours that use kayaks to reach a variety of underwater preserves and wreck sites. Here, those snorkeling in Miami can find interesting viewing in sea grass beds and wreckage to explore. 

There is no shortage of ocean life either. Miami snorkeling offers spotted leopard rays, puffer fish, angelfish and even occasional bottle-nosed dolphins. There are other Miami snorkeling expeditions in the area that take visitors to explore unique underwater forests of petrified black mangroves. Half day trips are available from between $25-60 with some of the trips including lunch in the price.

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