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Mexico Snorkeling

Mexico Snorkeling

Mexico, with one coast on the Pacific Ocean and the other on the Caribbean Sea has particular appeal to those interested in exploring underwater. Snorkeling in Mexico can occur in any one of a number of places. All of the major tourist destinations along either coast will offer up some type of Mexico snorkeling experience. Those looking to find the best in Mexico snorkeling will inevitably be drawn to the Mayan Coral Reef off the Caribbean Sea coast. This reef has the distinction of being the second longest in the world, following only the Great Barrier. Located near the resort area of Cozumel, the Mayan offers abundant marine life and easy snorkeling conditions. Other major Mexico snorkeling sites along the Caribbean Sea coast include Xel-Ha, Cozumel and X-Caret. On the Pacific Ocean coast, there is no lack of excellent snorkeling spots. Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay stand out as some of the best snorkeling in Mexico locations, with the chance to see some of the less common types of marine life, like manta rays, sailfish and even whale sharks in season. It is also possible to explore the Sea of Cortez while snorkeling in Mexico. The holiday destination Cabo San Lucas, with a bay of the same name, and the Sea of Cortez have particularly quiet waters that are teeming with brightly colored underwater life.


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