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Malaysia Snorkeling

Malaysia is one of the most beautiful destinations for both diving and snorkeling in the world, dotted with over 200 islands, soft white beaches, and countless secluded bays lined with picturesque limestone caves and caverns.

The best beaches are found along the coast of Peninsular Malaysia, but that doesn’t mean great snorkeling is limited to those areas. Nine of Malaysia’s islands form a federally protected Marine Park, requiring snorkelers to follow guidelines that help preserve the coral and ocean life, and making it a location worth visiting again and again.

The Indo-Pacific coral reefs are home to one of the most prolific congregations of underwater life on the planet, forming an ecosystem some is is rivaled only by the rainforests of the Amazon and the Congo.

Because of the variety of the species of fish that can be found when snorkeling Malaysia, a guidebook to the aquatic life in the region will enhance your experience. While almost all of Malaysia lends itself to outstanding snorkeling adventures, it is a huge and varied area - so be sure to research each of the areas you’re considering for a visit in order to find the location that best suits your skill level and interests.

Tenggol Island, East Coast Malaysia 2003 Orbicular Batfish, Perhentian Malaysia
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