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Key West Snorkeling

One of the top spots in the popular Florida Keys is Key West. Both the name of an island and a city, Key West is home to one of the largest coral reef systems in the world. With stunning visibility underwater, snorkeling in Key West is some of the best that North America has to offer. The extensive coral formations are heavily protected because they are home to such a wide variety of aquatic life. Shallow reef areas are perfect for Key West snorkeling because coral is always more vibrantly colored near the water’s surface. The best way to experience the reefs of Key West is from a boat. Casual snorkeling can be had easily from shore, but it does not compare to the vast array of colors and life that is found a few miles off shore. Key West snorkeling adventures can be easily organized through private boat charters and snorkeling excursions. Sand Key is a small islet with a lighthouse that has a strong reputation with both divers and snorkelers in Key West. Ten miles of excellent coral reef surround the islet. Half-day guided charters start at under $40. If desired, many of these companies offer the chance to extend a Key West snorkeling excursion with fishing or dolphin spotting.

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