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Jamaica Snorkeling

Jamaica Snorkeling

The island nation of Jamaica is located in the Caribbean Sea about 90 miles south of Cuba. Minimal waves, crystal clear and warm Jamaican waters provide ideal opportunities to see the aquatic life while snorkeling near the surface. Jamaica boasts over two hundred miles of beaches of varying quality.

While the resorts own many of the best beaches in Jamaica, there are still many terrific public beaches to enjoy. Jamaica snorkeling allows snorkelers to see brilliant parrotfish, large-eyed squirrelfish, blue tang, stingrays, eagle rays, rock lobster and, with some luck, a turtle.

Some of the best snorkeling in Jamaica is offered in Montego Bay. Doctor's Cave Beach features one of the most accessible spots. The town of Negril, Jamaica is also considered one of best snorkeling destinations on this island nation. More experienced snorkelers should consider heading across the channel to the Coyoba, Seaworld and Royal Reefs. Each of these features an array of marine life that includes barjacks, blue and brown chromis, spotlight parrotfish and yellow-headed wrasses. Since the water can be rougher in these areas, hiring a guide or going with a tour might be the best bet. Jamaica is well equipped for tourism and water sports. Many hotels, resorts and independent shops offer equipment and guides that will make for a memorable adventure for snorkelers of all skill levels.

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