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Indonesia Snorkeling

The Republic of Indonesia is known for its "Ring of Fire," an arc of volcanic islands that stretches 5,000 kilometres from Southeast Asia to New Guinea. Indonesia is also the world's largest archipelagic state, with over 17,000 islands that stagger over 80,000 kilometres. Fifteen percent of the world's coral reefs bloom in these seas, varying in shapes and a spectacular array of colors.

Approximately 4,000 species are found in the Indonesian waters, including over 25% of the planet's fish species. Besides a large population of smaller fish, sightings of large tuna, barracudas, manta rays and sharks are not uncommon. Such conditions create the ultimate snorkeling experience.

Flying from Bali to Wakatobi Dive Resort in Sulavesi Indonesia 2005 Snorkling Indonesia Lombok Oberoi home reef
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