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Florida Snorkeling

The combination of being a vacation destination with miles of coastline makes Florida snorkeling popular with both beginning snorkelers and old pros. In addition to exploring the many accessible reefs, there are also freshwater opportunities for snorkeling in Florida that are well worth exploring. In terms of saltwater snorkeling in Florida, the options are almost unlimited, with excellent snorkeling found in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

The Florida Keys are especially known as a good place to discover snorkeling spots because of their crystal clear waters. The shallow waters and colorful reefs are ideal for snorkeling. Here, and in other Florida snorkeling locations, you can either start from the shore or hire a charter to take you out further. A not-to-be-missed snorkeling experience that can be had in Florida is snorkeling near a shipwreck. There are a number of shipwrecks that can be explored while snorkeling in Florida. Freshwater snorkeling in Florida is another experience that is worth trying out.

There are a number of freshwater inland springs in Florida with beautiful clear waters. These warm springs do not have the same multitude of marine life, however, spotting a rarity like a West Indies Manatee, can more than make up for that.

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