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Florida Keys Snorkeling

The Florida Keys are a chain of over 1700 islands off of the southeast end of Florida. They islands are positioned along the Florida Straits, which mark the division between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. 

The clear waters and more diving/snorkeling outfitters per square foot than any other location in the world make this an obvious destination for snorkelers the world over.

Biscayne Bay, located in Biscayne National Park, has excellent Florida Keys snorkeling that can be reached by boat. Boasting spectacular hard coral formations, giant sponges and sea fans, along with a colorful variety of ocean life, this spot is a natural for Florida Keys snorkeling. 

The Dry Tortugas National Park, which is 70 miles from Key West, is an isolated grouping of uninhabited islands that boast absolutely pristine waters and untouched reefs. Even by the high standards of Florida Keys snorkeling, this is one spot that really stands out. 

There are a number of shipwrecks in the shallow waters, making for interesting scuba diving as well as snorkeling. Though this Florida Keys snorkeling trip involves an investment of time and money because of their remote status, the lack of crowds and the quality of the snorkeling make it well worthwhile.

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