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Egypt Snorkeling

The Red Sea Coast of Egypt is well-known for its warm climate and clear, calm waters, making it a perfect spot for snorkelers ready to explore the region. Most of the hotels on the Red Sea are self-contained vacation resorts, and the coast is dotted with spots ideal for snorkeling in Egypt. The resort town of Hurghada is among the most popular destinations on the coast, located just an hour (by air) from Cairo. Just north of the town of Hurghada is El Gouna, a top tourist draw. Makadi Bay and Soma Bay are top attractions for snorkelers that come to enjoy the warm waters and colorful reefs of the area. Further south, the seaport of Safaga is known for the healing properties of its black sand beaches. The best place for snorkeling in all of the Red Sea Coast is the National Park of Mahmya Island, covering 3000 square meters of Gifton Island just off the cast of Hurghada. Boats depart from the Hurghada’s Sheraton Marina and make the journey to the Mahmya Buoys in just 45 minutes. Motor boats then speed passengers to the island. More than 100 species of coral form reefs around island, playing host to countless colorful tropical fish. With its abundance of unique aquatic life and calm, clear water, Mahmya Island is a Red Sea Coast snorkeling destination not to be missed.

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