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Cayman Islands Snorkeling

The largest of the Cayman Islands is Grand Cayman, and one of the best ways too enjoy the sapphire colored water is by snorkeling the waters of the Cayman Islands. Accessibility is no problem when snorkeling in Grand Cayman. There are many excellent spots just off the beach and most hotels and resorts carry snorkeling equipment. A wide variety of ocean life including stingrays and sea turtles make Grand Cayman snorkeling a worthwhile activity. An especially interesting and unique experience that can be had snorkeling in Grand Cayman is a visit to Stingray City. There are a number of organized tours that can take you off shore to Stingray City where you will have the one-of-a-kind experience of snorkeling while surrounded by these strange and gentle creatures. This excursion includes the bright tropical marine life and clear water conditions expected in Grand Cayman snorkeling and combine it with the experience of touching and feeding stingrays. This makes for an excellent family snorkeling trip because the conditions are suitable for any level of swimmer and children particularly enjoy interacting with the stingrays.

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