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Cancun Snorkeling

A world-renowned resort city located on the Caribbean Sea coast of Mexico, Cancun attracts vacationers from around the world. The coral gardens here hold a wide range of brightly colored marine life and have long been an attraction for those wishing to explore the world underwater. Snorkeling in Cancun is very popular, and there are a number of excellent spots. An excellent Cancun snorkeling destination that can be easily reached is Punta Cancun. Right off of the beach the waters are filled with fish. Although it is possible to snorkel from shore, the best spots are reached by boat and there are a number of organized tours that shuttle visitors to the best Cancun snorkeling destinations. Some of the best spots reached by boat for Cancun snorkeling are Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres. Many tour operators offer the chance to swim with dolphins on their snorkeling trips, adding to your Cancun snorkeling adventure.

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