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Bermuda Snorkeling

Bermuda Snorkeling

Bermuda is known for it’s extensive, colorful coral reefs and crystal-clear waters, drawing snorkeling enthusiasts to this island year-round. In addition to Bermuda snorkeling charters, fine snorkeling can be found on the many public beaches dotted with resorts and hotels. Many of these hotels can provide guests with snorkeling gear. Scuba and snorkel outfitters abound, so you’ll have no trouble finding the gear you need to explore the northern-most coral reefs on Earth.

Experts tout Church Bay, located on the southern shore of Bermuda, as the best snorkeling spot on Bermuda, but John Smith’s Bay, Tobacco Bay and West Whale Bay all offer excellent snorkeling opportunities as well. While the waters of Bermuda are clear, the surf can get rough – always be aware of local conditions. The Snorkel Park at the Royal Naval Dockyard, one of the island’s newest attractions, is a great place for inexperienced snorkelers to get started. Scuba Diving Magazine lists Bermuda as the top snorkel destination in the Caribbean/Atlantic for good reason: snorkel lovers enjoy Bermuda so much that one visit will make a regular out of you.

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