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Bahamas Snorkeling

Located to the east of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean are the Bahamas. A nation made up of over 700 islands, the Bahamas, with their clear blue waters and white sand beaches, have long been a tourist magnet. With a vast number of reefs surrounding the islands of the Bahamas, snorkeling is an attraction that many visitors enjoy. Experienced snorkelers will find what is regarded as some of the best snorkeling in the world. There is easy off-shore snorkeling from many of the beaches, and many hotels offers gear for rental. Some particular Bahamas snorkeling attractions are worth taking the time to seek out. For example, on the west side of Eleuthera a site known as The Bahamas Current Cut is where the current creates a perfect feeding spot for marine life, and a perfect show for snorkelers. Another Bahamas snorkeling adventure is found at Walker’s Cay. Sometimes referred to as “The Shark Rodeo,” this is a place where up to 200 sharks are regularly seen to gather. The sharks that are seen on this snorkeling in Bahamas spot are not dangerous to humans, and snorkelers can even dive down to interact with them


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