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Aruba Snorkeling

Aruba Snorkeling

In the Caribbean Sea, north of Venezuala, the island of Aruba has long attracted visitors with its dry warm climate. The good weather is consistent year round, which adds considerably to the appeal of this small island. Rich coral reefs, colorful sea sponges and plentiful aquatic animals also make Aruba a major snorkeling destination. Catalina Bay is an excellent location for snorkeling in Aruba. The calm waters help with visibility and the bay is filled with fish. This is an excellent place for beginners who are learning to snorkel in Aruba to figure out how to do things. However, it is something worth visiting for snorkelers of all skill levels. The Antilla Wreck is another great spot for snorkelers to visit - the wreck is a German freighter ship from 1940. This wreck is easily visible to snorkelers, and for those who have never seen an underwater wreck, it is a real treat. The Arashi Reef is home to angelfish, the beautiful parrotfish and even the occasional octopus. Underwater photographers will want to keep their cameras nearby. Half day Aruba snorkeling trips can be arranged for $25-50 with some including a meal or snack.

Aruba Snorkeling Pictures

Aruba Snorkeling Snorkeling in Aruba at the shipwrecked Antilla
Snorkeling in Aruba Snorkeling in Aruba
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