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Acapulco Snorkeling

Acapulco is famous for the daring cliff divers of La Quebrada, but watersports such as snorkeling draw large numbers of visitors to this horseshoe-shaped bay. Snorkel outfitters are plentiful along the docks near the town square in the Zona Dorada, and it’s easy to find all the gear you need for a snorkeling adventure at or near the beaches of the Bay. Isla de Roqueta is a small island near the Caleta and Caletilla beaches that is popular for snorkeling in Acapulco. To reach the island, boats (some of which are glass-bottomed) depart from Caletilla beach throughout the day. Puerto Marques is another top snorkeling location in the area. The local waters are filled with colorful fish and a wide variety of sea life, making Acaculco a great destination for snorkeling.

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