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Review - Del Fins by Mor-Fin

Before a recent trip to Puerto Rico the folks at Mor-fin were kind enough to lend us a pair of their Natural Del-Fins to test out. We'd seen these fins before at the DEMA trade show and had always wanted to give them a shot.

Mor-fin specializes in uniquely designed fins that mimic the tail of a whale. They use all sorts of scientific jargon to explain what makes their fins different, with the most straightforward description on their site being:

"With technology that employs the only true hydrofoils for fins, Mor-Fins channel the water and create excellent lift to reduce the effort needed to move through the water."

Whatever the science behind them, there is definitely a difference between standard fins and these fins. It is hard to describe, but they are just easier to use - it feels like less work to move through the water, and you can move with very small kicks. We also found the fins extremely comfortable. To give you an idea of our satisfaction with these fins, we ended up buying the pair we tested.

Review - Del Fins by Mor-Fin

The fins are $109, so they aren't for everyone. But if you are a regular snorkeler who spends a lot of time in the water, you should definitely consider upgrading.

Review - Del Fins by Mor-Fin

We took the Mor-fins to Canada shortly after our Puerto Rico trip.

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