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Puerto Rico Trip Report (continued)

In need of some snorkeling beyond Palomino Island, we took a day trip to Culebra - a sleepy and beautiful island off the east coast of Puerto Rico. We took the trip through East Wind Cats, one of the larger charter companies in the area. The high speed catamaran departed at 9:30 am and had us snorkeling by 11:00. After about 2 hours snorkeling, we had lunch and headed for Flamenco Beach, which is frequently rated among the top beaches in the world. After a few hours and a few drinks at Flamenco we were on the boat and back at the dock by 4pm. The total cost was $95 per person.

Culebra Snorkeling

We only snorkeled in one location in Culebra, and from what the captain told us it wasn't "the usual spot" due to weather conditions. Despite this, the snorkeling was great. The water in Culebra was far clearer than the water at Palomino Island, and the coral was far more interesting (HUGE brain coral and a ton of stag horn coral). We snorkeled in a bay that was a few hundred yards across, and went from a few feet deep to 20+ feet deep (with no visibility issues at all).

Puerto Rico Snorkeling Photos

(as usual, the pictures don't do much justice - underwater photography is a lot trickier than it looks...)


Below: Trumpetfish


Below: Flying Gurnard

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