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Freshwater Snorkeling

When you hear the word "snorkeling" most people imagine the clear blue waters of the Caribbean with sandy beaches and colorful fish. However, freshwater lakes, rivers and even ponds can offer a tremendous amount to see for the casual or advanced snorkeler. We have visited lakes in Quebec that offer crystal clear water that rival (if not exceed) the water clarity of much of the ocean coast of the United States

Perhaps the fish aren't as colorful, and you can't see creatures like octopus and stingrays, but watching a smallmouth bass hunt and eat crayfish, or following a school of 36" carp can still prove plenty interesting!

Additionally, freshwater snorkeling is an activity that can be done by the millions of Americans who have weekend homes and summer cottages, while saltwater snorkeling is often an activity reserved for vacations. Most freshwater snorkeling is DIY (do it yourself), although party / tour or fishing boats will offer snorkeling as an alternative activity.

freshwater snorkeling

Underwater in Canada

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